LUX: The End of Online Isolation

August 2, 2023

Introducing The Local Universe (LUX)

Are you tired of mindlessly scrolling through the internet, jumping from one website to another in search of something engaging? Welcome to The Local Universe (LUX), an extension that gamifies the way we browse through interactive websites. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to multiplayer browsing.

A gif of spongebob squarepants sitting bored in a chair, moving around.

Curing Your Boredom With LUX

The Local Universe is your ultimate boredom buster. Whether you're catching up on YouTube videos, chatting during a Twitch stream, or even doing homework, LUX is there to make it more fun and engaging. Imagine fishing in an alien sea while watching your favorite YouTuber or mining for precious minerals with your active Twitch community. The Local Universe extension turns the online world into your personal playground, providing fun activities, social interaction, and endless customization.

An image split into three sections of Local Universe gameplay. On the left side a user if fishing with a underwater YouTube video in the background. In the middle a user is jumping through the parkour course on a moon planet, On the right a user is fishing on a red planet with a video of a galaxy in the background

Online Communities and multiplayer browsing

If you're looking for an online community, this is for you. We built a universe where every website becomes a unique planet with activities and multiplayer features. Use LUX to turn the internet into a social adventure by exploring the websites you love and connecting with others like you. This gaming extension allows for true multiplayer browsing.

An image of the Shallow Stationm beach, a fishing waypoint within the Local Universe. There is a tall AI NPC on the left side and a bunch of users fishing on the water

At the heart of the Local Universe is multiplayer browsing, a community-driven activity. multiplayer browsing transforms the lonely act of online browsing into a shared experience. In the Local Universe, you're not just a passive user; you're part of a diverse community of real, verified individuals, not bots. Every user can express themselves through elements such as profiles, skins, pets, and the content they enjoy. In an era where the 'dead internet theory' has gained traction, LUX breathes life into the online world by promoting real interactions.

Unique AI NPC’s

In the Local Universe, if you ever feel alone, you don’t have to. Our AI NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are always ready to interact, guide, and even challenge you. They add a layer of unpredictability and amusement to your LUX experience. An AI NPC is created using large language models and dynamically responds to players in real time!

An image from The Local Universe of a user by the name of Mewna having a friendly conversation with an AI NPC. This AI NPC is named Grevik and also has a shop in the Local Universe

More Than Simply Gamification

The Local Universe takes gamification to the next level. It's not just about using game elements to create interactive websites, it's about feeling progression and achievement when using the internet! Whether earning tons of skins, leveling up your character, completing in-game challenges, or even winning competitions; every LUX interaction marks tangible progress on this multiplayer browsing journey. It’s a true gaming overlay; your ticket to living, interactive websites.

In today's digital age, where countless hours are spent online, it's essential to find ways to make our browsing experience more meaningful and engaging. The Local Universe is not just another gaming extension; it's an evolution in how we perceive and interact with the vast digital cosmos.

Discover the Magic of The Local Universe!

Browsing will never be the same again. We promise a world where curiosity meets community and exploration meets excitement, always completely free. Ready to transform your browser experience? Dive in and experience the magic of LUX Today!

A gif of a user running along the Nexus, a central hub for The Local Universe. There are other users all around, on the platforms, at the Nexus shop, on the surface, and fishing